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I think it’s very important to know the professional background and experience of any professional that you choose to work with, no matter what the job is.

I entered the real estate industry in 1994, working for a group of investors dealing in distressed properties. They would either provide financing for the property owner to renovate their property to make it financeable by a conventional lender, or; buy the property, renovated it, and then sell it or hold it as a rental. My job was finding the properties, analyzing the project, and structuring the transaction.

After a couple of years, I bought fixer, and then purchased a second property within a year. As time went on, I financed and refinanced several properties to purchase rental properties. In 2003, I made the decision to become a licensed mortgage broker and began professionally funding loans and never stopped.

When the mortgage crisis began in 2007, the mortgage lending rules and regulations were constantly changing. To adapt with these ever ending changes, I began processing all of my loans from application to funding (beginning to end), to ensure every loan I submitted complied with every regulatory change as they were implemented. During this time period, 35% of all submitted loans were denied, while 99.9% of my loans funded.

Now that the federal lending regulations and the real estate market has stabilized, I decided to move from brokering wholesale mortgages, to working for AmeriFirst Financial. I made this change because AmeriFirst provides loan programs that are not offered by any other lender, even as a wholesale mortgage broker. Here I have more options for my home buyers, which greatly improves their home buying experience.

I truly enjoy what I do, helping to fulfill the dream of home ownership, and creating wealth through real estate investments.

I believe a home buyer must partner up with a proficient real estate agent that knows their target market, and a seasoned loan officer that can structure a straight forward loan package, vetting out and eliminating any “surprises” so the loan can be easily underwritten.

In this competitive market, a buyer must have a very effective plan in place to make their offer stand out from their competition. And I have the formula to make that happen for you with our PYT Program.

Our Protect your Transaction (PYT) program is only offered by AmeriFirst. No other lender in the country has this program. With this program, we Underwrite Your Loan Upfront - before you submit an offer. Once you are fully approved, we can close your loan in 15 days or less, since most of the financing process is finished. All we need to close is a satisfactory appraisal and an approved preliminary title report.

Being fully approved removes any speculation that your loan won’t close - Seller’s love this - AND the quick close!

Please contact me as soon as possible to go over the details and start the process. Once you’re approved and you find your perfect home, your offer will stand out and you’ll be the one buying your dream house – not your competition. Your upfront commitment will be the best decision you make in your journey to home ownership.

Mortgage Calculator

Buying a home is a big investment with expenses you may not have thought about. Use our mortgage calculator to estimate your mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance.

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30-Yr Fixed / 4.25% Interest
  • Principal & Interest $949
  • Property Tax $250
  • Homeowners Insurance $58
  • Mortgage Insurance $84

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